Who Could You Be?
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Who Could You Be?

It's not about who you were or who you are. It's about addressing who you could be that's important. What if, instead of existing, you took aim at what you wanted. You got clear on what you wanted and created a plan to get there. There is no meant to be, and the future is what you make of it.

"Life is about having the character to act on your own thoughts, and become who you want to become" - Auggie Garrido

When you think about it is such a blessing. To get there, you may have to "slay the dragon, to get the gold" The dragon is symbolic for overcoming obstacles to get what you want, which is "the gold." To get what you want, you have to get comfortable with doing hard things, having tough conversations, leveling up, creating a plan to improve your skillset, and putting yourself in a competitive environment that forces you to improve daily.

To slay the dragon, you may have to shed the habits & behaviors, the people holding you back, or the mindset you have adopted. You have to train these things every day to improve and get stronger so that you are strong enough to slay the dragon and get the gold.

Too often, we put our faith in institutions and expect them to shape us into who we could be. Adjust your expectations accordingly. We create our future, institutions can help us get where we want to go, but only you can put in the work. They will help guide us, teach us skills, and create opportunities for us to demonstrate those skills, but we have to put in the work.

Aim at what matters to you, get clear on what you want. Reflect on your past. What can you learn from what has happened to you that is going to help you in the future? Assess the current things in your life that needs to change. The future is yours to create if you are willing to have the tough conversations and put in the time and effort to get better every day.